“The Roaming Mind” Book

The Roaming Mind Book Cover
The Roaming Mind

During this blogging journey, I built up enough courage and energy to take on the project of all projects. I wrote my first book! It is easily one of my proudest achievements.

“The Roaming Mind” is a collection of blog posts about my journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Preceding each story is an explanation of why I wrote that particular blog post and how I felt at the time. Writing this book made me realize just how far I had come and how far I had yet to heal.

My journey from childhood abuse at the hands of my father has been the greatest challenge of my life. I went 20 years holding that secret close to my heart. During this time I still maintained a relationship with my father. When I held my baby son for the first time, I knew I had to expose my secret. Even with the potential of destroying my family my life was not mine to live anymore.

This book writing project vaulted me into pursuing a writing career and since its release, I have left my 15-year career as a software developer to chase my dream of being a full-time writer.

“The Roaming Mind” book is available for sale on Amazon.