Workout Rest: Listen to Your Body

So today, I decided to take an impromptu rest day from working out. It would be an understatement to say that I’m itching to go exercise. Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday, I’m either at the gym or out running on the roads. Taking a day off makes me think that I’m giving in to the urge to slack. The thought of breaking my workout habit scares me.

Recently, I decided to take on a new workout routine. Instead of attending a scheduled group HIIT class, I now visit a free weight gym. I’m now open to workout; however, I choose, and so far, it ‘s been exciting and productive. Every day, I walk into the gym and work out the muscle groups that I feel require work. I have no plan, no real routine other than just showing up, I do what feels right.

However, today, my body told me to rest. On what would have been my general Friday “lift” day where I work out all muscle groups a little, I listened to my body and resisted the urge to overwork it.

Growth comes from rest

It’s in the rest when our body grows. While we want to believe that working out seven days a week is how we will become fit, resting allows our body to heal. Healing is synonymous with growth. If you push your body, it will breakdown, and you will force you to rest with an injury.

Take a rest when you know it feels right and only workout when you know it feels wrong to rest. You know the difference. You have to tune out the noise of the world and reconnect with rhythm your body.

If exercise is a non-negotiable part of your life, you should never have to fear if your body speaks to you and tells you to take a day off.