My Inspiring Workout Community Rocks!

There is a special connection made when you workout with friends; it’s almost tribal. How many gym memberships lapse because people get lonely working out by themselves? Motivation and inspiration are so key to embracing an active lifestyle, and those are easily found in the communities of friends you can find while working out.

Today I get to hang out (run) with old workout friends in a new place, and then get to workout (HIIT) with new friends in an old place. Exercise has given me a community that has helped motivate and inspire me to be a better me. And while the venue of our little community has changed, the same support and love still stays the same. I wouldn’t be who I am without these people -regardless of location.

The Reason for This Blog

The most magnificent reflections in my life come to me when I work out. There are all kinds of science behind why your mind opens up when you’re in beast mode. It’s the reason why many people become addicted to body movement in the first place -myself included.

Before each workout, I set an intention to learn something about my life and world. And then, I record it on this blog to encapsulate my thoughts and then share them with you.

What Was My Intention?

The intention of this Saturday morning workout(s) is to share a common bond with friends and to be present in their presence.

How Did I Feel Before?

COLD and dark! Fall is definitely in swing. But I felt in good shape for a quick run.

What Did I Do?

  • Run with friends! 5.94 km run at a 4:54 km/min pace.
  • 45 minute HIIT class.

How Do I Feel After?

Perfecto! Physically my body is in top form. Mentally, through the surrounding love of friends, I am picking back up.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be around those you love. It also doesn’t take a lot of conversation to feel safe and secure around those who have been there for you throughout your journey.

While I could have slept in on a chilly Saturday morning, I knew I had more to lose if I didn’t get up and go. And I had a lot more to gain from the warmth of great friends who share a fundamental common bond in fitness.

A group of my friends after a run
The Saturday Morning Run Crew (I’m in the back row, grew shirt)

Those people are my community.

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