Attain vs Attune: The Evolution of Happy

Our lives are seemingly spent in two halves. The first is living with the thrill of attaining and then the second is living with comfort in attuning. The oft-ridiculed midlife crisis is the tipping point between the battle of “attain vs. attune.”

Early in our lives, we collect all kinds of stuff. First, it starts with rocks, sticks and bottle caps; then it progresses into toy figurines and electronics. As we become more socially aware, we spend our time attaining friends and acquaintances. Once we establish a career, we strive to attain achievements, bonuses, houses and cars.

Then something happens. A good friend dies too young, or you lose your good paying job. A reminder that the good life doesn’t last forever. You quickly realize that your life has an expiry date and we are working swiftly towards it. We will die, and none of what we have attained can ever be taken with us.

It’s time to attune.

Our lives no longer belong to us. We are at the fate of a non-infinite destiny that we have no choice. In a split second, it can be all over. We wonder what the point of attaining anything is. Life is indeed about being aware. Aware of the moment, your body, your purpose, and aware of your last breath.

Attainment doesn’t mean anything anymore. Things don’t mean anything.

Once upon a time, having a nice car and a dream house was the paved road to attaining happiness. Now, wisdom has taught you that happiness can never be attained. Being attuned to your thoughts, actions and their alignment IS happiness.

Attain or attune. I ask, where are you now?