Stuck in a Funk? Get out of Your Head!

When we cannot create, it is not because of the external forces pushing against us, it is our internal forces pushing the external influences out.

I have been stuck in a creative funk for the better part of a month. While I have been pumping out content with my new job, and I have been trying my best to write here, nothing I write feels right. Nothing I write feels deep, inspired or moving.

I am just existing.

Creative inspiration comes from change. Change exhibited by other people or change influenced from within. Inspiration is the byproduct of movement.

I am not moving.

Movement is only possible if we are courageous enough to take the first step. While the first step towards movement is often the hardest to do, following through to the end takes perseverance. Perseverance requires the audacity to continue on when your worse critic is yelling at you to stop and we all know who that critic is.

I am listening to my critic.

Our lives are immersed in all kinds of critics. If you are lucky enough, your critics will tell you face-to-face what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. But as we all know, your greatest critic hides from you; leaving you to figure it all out.

I am not figuring it.

Or am I?

I could blame my creative funk on the changing seasons, the lack of sunshine or the environment in which I work. I could point my finger at those around me who are not supporting me as I feel that they should. I could blame my limited resources and lack of time. I could hide from it all by burying my head in the sand of distraction and hope the funky storm passes. But guess what… the loud voices of self-doubt will follow me right into that hole.

I’ve gotta get out of my head if I am EVER to get out of this creative funk.