Give Your Problems Away!

We’ve all been there before. Stressed out with a work or relationship problem, we feel stuck against a dead-end. Because we cannot solve our problem in our head, we become even more anxious as to how big our problem can get. Then finally we explode! We react and rid ourselves of our problem only to find out, it was never a problem, to begin with. We made it all up.

Let’s face it, the problems in your life are mostly made up in your head. Like being trapped in a bag full of mosquitos, your problematic thoughts are just bouncing around in your head, stinging you at every opportunity. The old saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” well, you generally cannot think yourself to death. Unless your problem is standing in front of you and threatening your safety, most likely you will survive whatever it is in your head that is troubling you.

Isn’t it funny how when you share your troubled mine with another, you almost instantly feel a little better. There is belief that when you share your problems with another, your problem becomes halved. The person with whom you shared your problem mind with now holds the other half. This person doesn’t necessarily need to solve that half, all they really needed to do was listen.

The ironic part is that half of your problem, never even existed.

The real reason why you felt better after you shared your anxiety riddled thoughts is that for a moment, you were able to think outside of your thoughts. You expressed them verbally and visually witnessed another person’s reaction to it. Whether or not the response was in your favour, it still helped rid yourself of a problem you had spent countless hours building inside of your head.

Every once in awhile I am reminded just how amazing I felt after revealing my childhood abuse to my wife. There was no other feeling like it, and I doubt I will ever experience it again. My secret was physically given to someone else, I saw it for what it really was, and it was nowhere near as bad as I had thought it would be when revealed. For years, I concocted every scenario imaginable of how the world would react to my revelations. Everything from my wife leaving me to getting knifed by some dark stranger on the street, yes, I even made myself believe that I could get killed for revealing my secret.

We carry around so many problems that drain our energy eat away at our health and destroy our soul. Stop bottling them up and talk about them. The first step to solving your problem is talking about it and most often that one step is all you need.

Give away your problems, they are much too costly to keep!