Overcoming Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Creed

I will feel my pain as unfelt pain is always unresolved.

I will live in the safety of transparency as secrets are always dangerous.

I will remember that my answer is in my reaction.

I will never try to prove my story for I have nothing to prove

I will share the pain, but only with those who are willing to receive it.

I will always listen to both sides of every story. It’s too easy to pick sides.

I will never seek empowerment by dividing relationships.

I will never attach my weaknesses to the abuse.

I will reclaim my body by taking care of it every day.

I will accept that I’ll never be fixed, but I’m bent; not broken

I will understand that this didn’t happen to me: it happened for me.

I will know that I can’t control what happens to me, but I can control my reaction to it.

I will move forward, even if it means moving back to take a running start.

I will never regret anything that I’ve done. Regret serves no purpose to my future.

I will understand that the past is something that I can never change

I will stop seeking my abuser’s remorse. I can’t live with the attachment.

I will never tie my healing to their punishment.

I will stop seeking the truth as dishonesty is always in plain sight.

I will focus on the one good thing that happened to me and not the one bad thing.

I will always be myself, even at times when I don’t know who I am.

I will never forget why I stood up when they told me to sit down.

I will refuse to be silenced by the angry voice of the damned.

I will never seek revenge. Revenge adds to the pain.

I will use forgiveness as my sword

I will let go of the hate for hate destroys me.

I will understand my abuser. Empathy conquers all.

I will find light in the darkness.

I will not seek validation.

I will trust in the hope that one day, I will trust again.

I will love myself enough to know that I am worthy of love.

I will never be a survivor if I’m always playing the victim.

I will always break the cycle.

I will not forget that I’m never alone