Take It Easy

Take it easy, take it easy

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

Lighten up while you still can

Don’t even try to understand

Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy

RIP Glenn Frey

This past Monday morning my resolve was certainly challenged. You know how it goes, one card falls then the entire house of cards seems to follow suit. This was one of “those” kind of mornings and it just happened to be on a day called “Blue Monday“… well, isn’t that ironic?

The day had started off well. My alarm clock sounded at 5 am and I got up feeling good. I immediately reflect on my weekend and how I was going to energetically write “I love Mondays!” on my Facebook status –yes I was seriously going to do that! I woke up in a great mood! From there it all went south.

I arrived at my morning fitness class filled with promise and enthusiasm. I was still very sore from the Saturday morning class, but that is the price of progress; no pain, no gain! As the class wore on, I wore out. Apparently, I need to eat more than a banana between Sunday evening ball hockey and Monday morning exercise class. I hit the proverbial “wall” way earlier than I anticipated. I managed to push through it but I was beyond exhausted! On top of that, it was a longer class than usual so I got home 10 minutes late. My morning routine had then become interrupted a little bit, the sounds of my own wheels were beginning to drive me crazy. Thankfully, I had refrained from the anxiety.

Anyone with school aged kids know that the morning routine is paramount to getting everything and everyone ready for the day. Those lost 10 minutes had to be made up somewhere. I pushed through once again, even with a slowpoke child oblivious to the epic rush (good on him) to get things ready for the day. I got him to school ready and on time. I love Mondays!

On my way to work I remembered that I had to gas up the car as the yellow light of impending doom was shining ever so bright on my dashboard. I thought to myself “it’s not a big deal”, my routine coffee shop is right across the street from the gas station. As I was gassing up, I looked across the street and noticed that my routine coffee shop wasn’t so routine today. They were closed for renovations. Oh great! Now I will have to reroute to find a different routine coffee shop, coffee is mandatory this morning. I love Mondays!

On my way to routine coffee shop #2, I managed to get myself tied up in a school drop off zone complete with impatient parents dropping off their kids. I patiently (barely) waited for my turn to get free from the traffic congestion. I finally arrived at routine coffee shop #2 and of course, I was greeted with a super long lineup. I know, a first world problem. Eventually I got my coffee and arrived at work about 20 minutes later than I usually do. Phew! What a morning! I love Mondays!

It is amazing how much a state of mind can make all the difference. As my day started with my declaration of how I loved Mondays. Irony would have none of that and it turned out to be the most challenging start to a day that I have had in quite some time. As each challenge presented itself, I legitimately told myself “I love Mondays” and each challenge ended in mental peace instead of snowballing into angst and anxiety. As the day unfolded, it turned out to be a great day filled with work accomplishments and playing an Xbox game with my son. During that time, I had found out that the lead singer of the Eagles, Glenn Frey died at the age of 67; another musical legend passing on. Upon quick reflection, my day could have ended before it even began! I am grateful that I took Glenn’s advice on this and lightened up while I still could and took it easy. I love Mondays!