Maybe It’s Just Me That’s Stressed Out?

Is it just me? Or is this a highly stressful time?

People all around are getting the flu or a cold; some are just more irritable than usual. Life appears to be a little bit more fast-paced and we are all struggling to keep up, at least I feel like I am.

Maybe it’s the hangover from the summer? Perhaps it is the adjustment to the colder weather or a drop in sunlight hours? Could it be the calm before the holiday storm? Or are we just going through another dip in the roller coaster of life?

Maybe it’s just me?

While I am nowhere near a five alarm stress fire here, the pushing and shoving of life have indeed left me a little banged up. Writing has become very difficult to do as this is my fourth attempt at writing SOMETHING to share with you. This is very concerning as I write for a living, if I got paid by the word, I would have starved this week. While I have some decent ideas that I would love to share, I just can’t seem to finish them. It seems that this week, I want to consume more than I want to create. I want to be distracted by social media, TV and shitty food.

Is it just the Yin taking a little back from the Yang?

Maybe it’s just me?

I’ll be back.


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