The Boo’ers and the Do’ers

There are do’ers in life and there are boo’ers in life. Which one are you? Are you brave enough to admit it?

In life, there are two types of people when times get a little tough: the boo’ers and the do’ers.

The boo’ers boo when times get tough. They place blame on anyone and anything they can in order to find a reason for the problem that sits in front of them. The boo’ers hands are always clean. In an effort to appear strong an protect themselves from destruction, a boo’er deflects blame instead of absorbing it. Absorbing the blame would only expose their pain. A boo’er is always looking for a cause of a problem and focuses on that instead of focusing on solving the problem.

A boo’er is almost always someone who has unresolved pain and is unwilling to, or unable to face it, feel it and live it. They boo to protect themselves and find validation for their reality.

The do’ers do when times get tough. A do’er is too busy looking for a solution to a problem instead of wasting their time trying to find out why it is a problem. The do’ers hands are always dirty. A do’er looks for others to help, even if the cause of that problem is those people. A do’er is willing to accept responsibility but not blame if it means finding a solution faster, accepting blame only feeds the boo’ers. Do’ers do not have the word “can’t” in their dictionary, they simply won’t if the situation is not favourable to their direction.

A do’er is almost someone who has triumphed over great pain in their lives. They are often boo’ers who have transformed and have been enlightened by the power of their will to succeed. A do’er never needs validation as they are running their own race, they are trendsetters and leaders by default.

Accepting who you are is the first step to realizing the potential in your life. It is ok if you are a boo’er right now, you can change if you want to. Accepting responsibility for your part in life is a start, follow that by dropping your need to validate a problem by identifying its source.

Resist taking problems as a personal attack on your unresolved pain. By owning your pain and resolving it, you will find that you have nothing more to protect and problems in your life will no longer have any reason to attack you. When that is done, you will have no obstacles in your way to become a do’er.