The One About Nothing

I’m just tired of writing, I can’t find the words. I know I need a break from it, but I’m afraid to take it, I may not start again.

I’m burnt out, I’m tired, I’ve got nothing left. I have to rest, but I refuse. I can’t give it up. Many wise people have said that the growth comes from the rest; but what if you don’t know how to rest?

Over the holidays I took an extended period of rest from my workouts. It killed me. But I knew physically, I needed a break from my sweaty routine as my body was straining everytime I worked out. So, over two weeks during the holidays, I rarely worked out, I ate like a pig and I didn’t rely on that 45-minute high-intensity workout to bail me out of a bad day. Yet somehow, over those two weeks, I did just fine! For two weeks my body healed, the daily pain of exerted exercise wore off and I never felt stronger and never felt so physically good. But while my body grew in that short break, my mind did not, it was begging me to get back on the mat and sweat it out. I obliged, and I have to tell you, I have not felt this good working out in months!

So here I am today. I’m struggling to finish this blog post. It is the fourth one I wrote this week. Every time I start a blog post, I can’t find the words to finish. I am hitting blocks at every corner, I feel defeated, I have never had problems finding words in the past! Could it be possible that I need a break from writing? The thought of that scares me! However, I recently released my very first book. The book took me six intense weeks of writing and editing to get the final product out the door. Have I simply worn myself out? Am I straining my mind like I did my body before I took my workout break?

There is no way to finish this blog post for I simply do not have the words.  I think I am going to take a break now, I have nothing more to give.