My Goal Is to Not Have a Goal

If you have goals but never seem to be living a life of fulfillment. Drop your goals, and live with priority!

I have no goals. While there are some end results that I believe would be ideal for me, I try not to set myself up for disappointment if I cannot achieve a goal. Life is not linear, so to expect what you are doing now at point “A” to line up completely with your goal at point “B” is unrealistic. Working towards a goal is very difficult to achieve and in some regards, sets you up to live a life with blinders on.

Instead, I have priorities.

Living a life of priorities instead of goals takes the focus off of achievement and places it on being present. Everything that I do has a priority, and instead of creating a list of tasks to achieve on any given day, I work from a list of top priorities in order of importance. Not only is my list a lot shorter, but it puts more purpose into everything that I do.

For example: Instead of going to the gym every day to lose 15 pounds. I place priority on going to the gym every day to just feel good. While the result will end up in me losing weight, it will be a side-effect and not a goal. Same can be said for eating healthy, I don’t eat healthy to lose weight or keep it off, I prioritize eating healthy, so I can do everything in my power to have the most energy I can and to avoid disease.

I had found that when I had goals in the past, by the time I had achieved them, my mindset had changed so much that I was disappointed when I finally got there. This left me with a hollow victory and searching for the next goal to accomplish. With priorities, I know that as long as I am working on my top ones every day, life will line itself up in such a way that I will always feel accomplished with where I am at any given time.