I’m Learning To Rest, But I Ain’t Got Time

Work, rest, repeat. I fail to recognise that as I place unrealistic pressures on myself. In rest comes growth, in growth comes strength and in strength comes resilience.

I may have talked about this before in a previous blog post, but it seems to be a reoccurring issue in my life. I really don’t know how to rest. Actually, scrap that, I refuse to learn how to rest, relax and live in the moment..

In my chosen job, I am, for the most part, the only person who does the work that I do. To some, that is a great situation, it guarantees job security. While I do enjoy what I do, it can become somewhat overwhelming at times, but the choice of creating overwhelming thoughts is on me. My mistake is not the job that I have chosen, or the demands from co-workers and clients, my mistake is that I refuse to rest in the present when I am away from my work.

I am incredibly fortunate to have the job that I have. I have excellent leadership all around me, and I have support from all angles. While my workload can be hefty at times, I alone place extreme amounts of pressure on myself to perform, and in turn, I am driving myself mad by wondering if I am doing enough; am I enough?. I allow this intense pressure to mount as I refuse to separate my personal life from my work life. I have a very difficult taking time off from my job as I know that the work that I am missing will only mount by the time I come back. Thus, I feel guilty taking time away.

I must learn how to rest, better yet, I must take the time to rest.

Most of us have demanding jobs that each in their own way manages to take a little piece out of us every day that we go to work. We give our time to our employers in exchange for a paycheque; the problem is, we continue to think of work outside of our jobs, giving up our time that nobody is paying us for.

When we are away from our jobs and in a position to rest, we must take our minds away from the work that awaits our return. Our work doesn’t get done by dwelling on it when we are away from it, just like our muscles that don’t grow when we think about going to the gym. The only true way to rest is to be in the present, enjoy the time away and allow your brain to heal itself, so that when you come back, no matter how high of a mountain of work awaits you, you will be sharp and strong enough to knock it down.

Taking time to truly rest is paramount to a healthy life and one with the proper balance to lead a stress reduced lifestyle. Turn off the electronics, feed your brain with distraction other than on a screen, create art, eat delicious and nutritious food, laugh at stupid things, cry at sad things, run, jump, skip, move! Do whatever it takes to get away from your work, your brain, your body and the loves in your life will appreciate it.

Working stretches your brain, thinking about work pulls it apart; only rest makes your mind healthy, active and strong. Be present.