There Is Always Someone Else Who Wants Your Problems

Stop worrying about what you have or what you don’t have. There are many who would love to have your problems!

Ah, the good ol’ fashioned pity party. You’ve had a shit day, challenged at every corner. The whole world just seems to be going against you. Suck it up, these are the days you must relish. You didn’t get this far in life without challenging days, otherwise, you would likely still be sitting at home with a diaper and crawling to your parent’s room asking to be fed.

You just can’t grow as a person without challenge.

If you believe that your circumstances are worse than everybody else, you are a crybaby, a spoiled brat. I’m sure the residents of East Africa would love to have the ability to read this blog post and have access to electricity and clean water, forget about steady food supply.

Stop worrying your little head about what your world is or isn’t giving to you. Get off your ass and go get it. Challenges are free opportunities to grow and learn about your ability to push limits. Ask not what your life can do for you, ask what you can do for your life.