The Movie Of My Life

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor. – Sholom Aleichem

I believe that life is not one solitary entity. Life is a series of “mini-lives” that collectively make up one complete life story. As I recount various “mini-lives” that I have lived, I feel as though I am observing a character as he journeys through different plots of a well-scripted movie. What is this movie about? Why did that just happen? Where did that person go? When did that happen again? As each scene and subplot passes by, I am comforted that the story has not ended; there is more to it and there is something coming that will tie it all together.

By my count, I have lived through 8 different “mini-lives” or subplots. Aside from one very disturbing one, most of my subplots have happy and formative events in them. Like a chapter in a DVD, I can replay each of them and recount the vivid detailed events that had happened. I recall the different people who I had met and lessons that I had learned from them. I often replay this DVD of my life when I am lying awake in bed, or when I have a few moments to spare. I am not sure why I rehash these memories over and over again. Maybe I fear that someday, age and/or mental illness will rob me of these scenes and I will not get to completely understand this great movie or even remember what it was about.

We need to remind ourselves that we should not dwell on specific events of our lives to set the overall plot of our movie. All of these events are just setting the table for the next chapter and perhaps they will lead us to a wild and exciting finish! I just hope that when my movie ends, it will be a happy and complete ending. Maybe it might even lend itself to a compelling sequel. Who knows? Either way, I hope I am wearing a cape!