Now This Is Getting Tough

Crossing the finish line can be tough, especially if you feel as though you have already ran the race and won.

I love a good challenge! Especially when it is something I am passionate about. The thrill of outlasting my threshold of limitations is exhilarating and liberating. Like a long distance runner running a marathon, not getting to that finish line is not an option, even if I die trying.

When I start a challenge that I am passionate about, I don’t stop until I am finished. I must see the beauty of completion, it is in my DNA. I live for the feeling of being thoroughly exhausted and dragging my feet across the finish line.

A couple of months ago I gave myself the challenge of writing 100 blog posts in 100 days. At first, it became difficult to get into the habit of writing every day, but I had a lot to write about. When I got really entrenched in the habit, I was writing two even three posts a day. I couldn’t stop. It felt awesome to me writing every day, I was constantly rooted in the present, and I was in constant state of creative flow.

Fast-forward to now, day 68. I am nearly out of juice. I feel as though I am scraping the bottom of the blog post barrel. Yet, as a roaming mind, I couldn’t feel any better if I tried. I am stress-free and I have no troubles with which to write about. I am a very fortunate man to be living the life I have. My mind has never been more present, I have no regrets, and I am not anxious. Life has had its ups and downs, but I am barely feeling them right now.

What things do I have to write about?

I could always stop writing, give up this silly challenge and dwell on the easy-free life that I am living. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But I know better. Tomorrow is a different day, life always throws me curveballs, and if I don’t have my catcher’s glove on, I won’t be ready to catch them. I know that the moment I stop remaining in the present by writing, it will be game over and WHAM! Back to the anxiety and guilt parade I go.

So many of us give up our good habits the moment we have received everything we believe we need from them. When we are feeling great is when we start to skip our gym days, and we start eating more “treats.” Our relationships are running smooth, so we begin to take them for granted. We consume more out of life instead of creating and throw off our balance with greed instead of gratitude. We feel that since we are feeling great, we can slack off a little. We deserve it, right?


The moment when we have achieved our greatness is the exact time we have to press harder to continue on with what has made us great. To avoid the sudden and catastrophic crash that comes after the high of feeling great, we have to keep pushing our way through our habits when we are high. Life always has its ups and downs, but I can guarantee that those hills of life will become little bumps if you never give up the things that pushed you up.