How to Be Heard in a Noisy World

Over 4 million blog posts will be published today, and you are one in 7.6 billion people on earth who are reading this one. The odds of you reading this blog post are minuscule. If what I need to express in my words is accepted by you, then, I we’ve done something exceptionally special. Thankfully, you were listening and I was heard in a noisy world.

You live a life with secrets and do everything you can to guard them. You crave to be heard, but don’t dare make a noise. But have you considered, that when you have something to say, silence is a lie?

I got away with a lie for 20 years

I’ve lived half my life guarding a dirty secret. That’s half my life, living a lie. Holding back the secret of sexual abuse at the hands of my “Daddy”, I lived with outward silence, but with inward thoughts so loud they were deafening. I desperately wanted to be heard, but I didn’t make a sound. When everyone thought I was OK, I wasn’t. When someone got close and asked, I pushed them away with my noise.

So, after years of practice, I learned to cope and be heard in other ways.

I stopped listening.

My mouth was open and my ears were closed. I made noise to drown out the sick thoughts in my head. My noise was confusing you because it wasn’t the truth. My truth was sealed with the silence of a lie.

There is no easy way to be heard in a world filled with perpetual noise. The only path to being heard starts with listening to the noises within and silencing them with your truth.

While the odds may have been stacked against you ever reading this blog post, perhaps it has something to tell you. Did you hear it? Or is the noise inside your head too loud to listen? If so, there’s no hope for you to be heard in a noisy world.