A Bloggers Observation: Following The Followers

Living my story through this blog has opened my eyes up to so many things. One of which is the followers that have followed along on my journey. I am very appreciative when someone is willing to follow my blog, and I take that with a sense of responsibility to keep delivering quality blog posts. While I can control the quality and frequency of my blog posts, what I can’t control is the journey that I am on. My narrative has changed and so have my followers over the years.

I recently took a look at the list of followers that follow my blog on WordPress, and I noticed that a few of the more prominent ones earlier in my blogging journey have gone away and unfollowed. At first, I was saddened. Were they disappointed in my work? Were they angry at something I had written? Was I not able to reach them properly? Is there something I should have done differently? No.

We have simply evolved.

Blog followers are much like friends, they are here for a good time but rarely are they here for a long time. We should be so fortunate to have longtime blog followers just as we should be very honoured to have longtime friends. While our paths in life cross and we get to enjoy each other’s journeys for a short time, we end up growing apart with the distance that our journeys take. This is the life cycle of relationships.

As I scroll through the list of followers that I have, I can see how I have grown. When I started this blog, I talked about the anxieties and mental health problems that I once had, and thus, the followers that I attracted were sharing the same path. Then, as I grew more secure, I shared my stories of childhood sexual abuse, my new followers during that time reflected that path in my life. Now, as a healed soul, my new followers are now those on the same journey as me. Observing daily life for what it is and sharing those observations through text.

There have been times when I felt as though I was getting nowhere with this blog as if nobody was reading, and then you came along and gave me a follow. That simple gesture reenergized me for another blog post to share and another feeling to be felt.

Thank you, to each of my followers, new and old and to those who we have parted ways.