Live, Love, Laugh Your Way To Happiness

Live, Love and Laugh sounds cheesy but they are the three main ingredients to living in the moment and ultimately finding your happiness.

Live, Love, Laugh. I used to think this phrase printed on signs and hung in people’s houses was cheesy, corny and fluffy! I never really paid much attention to them until just recently. There is wisdom in those three overly used words, and it all relates to being present.

We all have happiness inside of us, but through self-esteem, social and physical issues, we choose to keep it hidden deep down inside of us. Happiness is not something that comes externally, it is rooted in the basement of your soul, you just have to bring it out. Each one of these three “L” words means that you must be in the moment to capture the essence that they deliver and being present is the most crucial ingredient in finding and bringing out your inner happiness.

When it comes to your happiness, being present with each of these happy “L-word” superpowers requires that the other two to be included. To laugh, you must be in love with what you are feeling. To love, you must be able to laugh and be in the moment with the emotion you are living. To live, you must learn to enjoy the moment and laugh at the folly of it all. There is no such thing as a sad life when you learn to live, love and laugh in every moment.

So what does it mean to live in the moment? We hear it so much from so many people, but we can never seem to grasp how to get there. Living in the moment simply means that you must forget about the regrets of the past and trust that your future will always take care of itself. There are many different ways to live in the moment, either through exercise, meditation, observation or deliberate practice of love, laughing and choosing to live with no regret or worry.

How do you laugh at the moment? Laughing is a feeling of happiness that comes from totally being immersed at enjoying the moment. Nothing else matters when you are caught up in the split second of joy, it cannot matter; to laugh is to be in complete love the moment in which you are living.

So, what about love? How do we love the moment? Love is that feeling of complete fulfillment. When in love living in the moment becomes easy. Nothing else matters when you love who you are with, what you are doing and where you are at. Laughing is the act of loving the life that you are living.

Live, love, laugh. Living in love with a good laugh is the path to revealing the inner happiness that resides deep within you. When you can practice each deliberately and often, then the present moment will have no reason but to catch up to you. Happiness is being in that moment.


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