Our Lives Are All Different, yet They Are All the Same.

We are taught at a very young age that we are all different. We all come from different families, situations and walks of life. In some cases, we are taught racism and religion is what separates each of us. Soon enough, we begin to divide ourselves from those who we disagree with or who disagree with us. As our lives move on, we leave friends and relationships behind, opting instead to pursue new hopes and dreams from the help of new people.

Strangers become scary and ugly people become ridiculed. Judgements are made without cause, and social anxiety takes over our lives. We retreat to what is safe because of our fear of the unknown between us. We are left to assume everyone is wrong before they have a chance to be right. We allow age to dictate our relationship and ignore the young and the old based solely on their life’s experience.

Each and every one of our lives is different, no two paths are ever the same. We are each a unique scribbled line intertangled among each other. Every curve and hoop drew over top of the line of another, each intersecting by chance. It is a mess to look at all of the lines at once, yet to each of us who look at our own line, it makes perfect sense.

We may all lead different paths, but we all share the same forest. We breathe the same air, we eat the same food, we drink the same water. Our unaltered bodies all share the same function. We while we may all react differently to them, we all share the same emotions. While our realities are different, our conclusion to them is the same. We all come into this world alive, but we all leave together in death.

Our lives are all different, yet they are all the same.