Use Your Intuition

It is impossible to make a wrong decision if you follow your instincts. Even when the outcome is not expected, there is always a lesson learned and a benefit to be gained when you follow your heart.

Oh my! Nothing quite steals our happiness away from us more than a wrong decision. But not so much a wrong decision but one that you know you didn’t follow your heart in making. There are so many times in life that we choose “A” over “B” because we were afraid of what others might think, or that we believed we were not ready for it. So many times we ignore a choice simply because it feels too right.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Personal Mastery Academy hosted by Robin Sharma. On day one, he had made a one-liner quote that resonated with me more than ever before. He said to “trust instinct over intellect”, in the days that followed the conference, I read that quote over and over in my mind. Our intellect is stupid, it gets in our way when we make decisions. Our intellect is the logic side of our brain that has no business making our decisions for us, yet we allow it to all of the time.

We never trust our instincts, those who do on a regular basis, find their inner happiness and to the rest of us, we see their beautiful success. Instead, we program ourselves to trust the logic that we have been taught to us by everyone from parents, to school teachers, to friends. We strive to believe that our intelligence is more valuable to us over our instincts because our intelligence is based on previous experiences and not blind faith. Our heart never leads us astray, even when we make wrong choices based on our instinct, we often find lessons learned for another day.

To find your happiness is to trust your instincts, to chase happiness is to trust your intelligence. Use your intuition, the more you use it, the more in tune you will be to trust it. Practice using your intuition every day, just follow it blindly and realize that the path you are choosing will always lead you right, it is simply your reaction to what may come your way that challenges your faith in your instinct.


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