Pull the Weeds: Get Away From the Energy and Time Wasters

If your garden is not growing, it’s likely because you have too many plants taking over. Pull the weeds!

The garden is your life

You only have so much space in which to grow a life. Some of us are gifted with extensive gardens, others, tiny. None of us know just how big or small our gardens will get. All you know is that someday, you will run out of space.

The plants within it are your impact

Through the choices you make in life, you either leave your soil baren or fill it up with the plants of your choosing. Each plant represents an event or action in your life that you choose to grow and occupy your garden. Some plants serve you, while other plants -the weeds, don’t.

The soil in your garden is your time

In your garden, you only have so much soil in which to grow your plants. In life, you only have so much time to carry on the events and actions that make an impact. The more plants you grow in your garden, the more soil you’ll need to give up. Choose your plants wisely and be quick to pull the weeds!

The sun that shines above you is your energy

Your plants will never grow without the sun. But remember, the sun doesn’t shine every day. If you choose actions in your life that do not serve your garden well, you’ll open the door for the weeds to kill the plants that matter. Only let the sun shine on your most prized plants in the garden of your life. Always choose to pull weeds before they steal your sunshine!

The bounty that you grow is your happiness

When your garden is healthy and free from weeds, your plants will reep a bountiful harvest. Many times in your life, you will be forced to evaluate the plants in your garden and identify the energy draining and soil stealing weeds.

However, pulling weeds can be a tough chore. Some weeds are deeply intertwined among the plants that you cherish. You worry that by removing that weed, it may interfere with a plant that is giving you fruit. Take a chance. Most often, once you pull the weed, the other plants will be just fine.

Isn’t it funny how over time you become ignorant to the weeds that are stealing your growth? Fearing risking your entire garden, you allow your garden to become filled with weeds that get to the point where none of the plants you have left produce any fruit of happiness.

Start pulling the weeds

Identify the weeds in your garden, and commit to pulling them now. Give the fruit-bearing plants a chance to grow with more soil and sunshine. Allow them the space to take up your entire garden, so that when you reach the end of it, the world will be grateful for the harvest you had grown.

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