The Pain of Happiness

To be where you are right now in your life, you’ve had to feel some kind of pain. Pain sucks, I know! We don’t like the uncomfortable feeling of pain. It’s why, one way or another, we move to get away from it -by any means necessary. Either emotionally or physically, pain is what drives us to move -either forward or backward.

It’s in our instincts!

Think about the pain you feel when you change jobs. Leaving others behind, or even just the pain of the application and interview process. How about the pain of working a job that just doesn’t suit you?

What about your social life? All of your friendships were formed from someone new soothing an emotional pain you were feeling at the time. Maybe you were feeling lonely? Bored? Angry or sad? People come into our lives when we need them to help us with our pain.

How about where you live? At some point in your life, the pain of where you used to live lived became unbearable. Eventually, you uprooted all of your belongings and changed your address. Just to get away from the pain, whatever it was.

Pain moves you

While pain may be the fuel to move you, you can’t be on the move all of the time. Some people do live like that, and their lives are a never-ending cycle of drama, unhappiness and unease. Eventually, these people wear out, and the pain from being in pain for so long breaks them down. We all know these kinds of people; maybe you’re one of them?

Pain may make you move, but love will keep you steady

When feeling love, you cannot feel pain. Sure, you could say that some people love feeling the pain, and that’s why they stick around in some very unfavourable situations. But they aren’t feeling pain, they are in love -with the pain! Love trumps pain every time. It’s why every addict must find their rock bottom before they can ever find the help they need to beat their addiction. They must fall out of love with the pain of the addiction.

Understand that you cannot move ahead in your life without feeling the pain first. If you are not happy in your situation, then you must find what it is that you are in love with that keeps you there. It is only when you find the love that you can decide if the pain of falling out of love is worth the pain of becoming happy.

The pain got you here, and love will keep you here, every time.