Voice Your Truth

Finding your inner voice, then voicing your truth is the main ingredient to a happy life. Stop allowing others’ judgements of you dictate your inner truth, it is always right.

So, what even is your truth? Your truth is your true self, the deep down person you wish so hard to be every moment of every day with everyone. Your truth is that special person that is not fooled by the judgement of others. It is not jaded by the expectations and demands that our world reality places on it. It is that person deep within us that over time many of us have forgotten to even recognize anymore.

Your true happiness hangs in the balance of the person you appear to be with others and the person you are to yourself. When those become aligned, it is only then that you can be truly happy. Voicing your truth with the world empowers you to demonstrate just who you are; the genuine person those around you will come to love. Of course, the more genuine you are to those around you, some may not like it, but nobody will question it. Your truth is what people want from you, and when you confuse them with some other truth, people will tend to walk away from you.

Life truly is a constant struggle between what we present to our world and what we wish to present to the real world. We allow so many unhealthy relationships meld our personas that our truths become lost in the shuffle. We must fight to preserve our inner truth by removing ourselves from these draining situations and focusing more on building our truths from within. It is only when we become confident of our truth is when we can truly begin to put a voice to it. We do not need to prove out the truth to anyone but ourselves, this is our soul, it is who we are.

Voicing your truth is how to live a mentally stable, healthy, unblaming and happy life. We can never be happy when we are caving to the expectations of others. We can never be happy when we are allowing the judgemental few in our lives dictate our most inner voice. Stand up for yourself, lead your life and voice your truth! Your happiness depends on it.


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