You Will Always Find a Way

Life always has a way of figuring itself out. All it takes is a little effort and sometimes, if we are lucky, we can bend it to work itself out in our favor.

‘Tis be the season for stress for some of us. With time and money being in short supply, many wonder if it is even possible to have a perfect Christmas. Yet, on Christmas morning, you wake up, your family wakes up, and it just happens. All the lost time and short-changed budgets don’t really matter anymore, you have found a way.

We find significant worry when we think the outcome of our effort will not meet the expectation that we set. We trudge each day at jobs that don’t satisfy us. We toil inside cycles of self-abuse of over-eating and sitting around distracted trying to forget about our terrible day, and yet, we still find a way to get to the next.

A couple of weeks ago I came to the realization that 2017 was almost coming to a close. Yeah, I don’t stare at the calendar much as months and days don’t really matter that much to me anymore, I only care about the moment I am in, but I digress. It was time to review my goals that I had set out to accomplish this year and see what I have left to do or what I have time left to do.

One of my principal goals this year was to finish my book, well, that isn’t going to happen. I still have some life to live beyond 2017 to complete that book. This book stuff has been on my mind for much of 2017, and it has stressed me out a little realizing that I would not be able to complete that goal. Instead of dwelling on that harmful stress, I decided to turn it into productive pressure. I decided that I would set aside book number one and instead challenged myself to write book number two. At the time I had about six weeks left in the year to pull it off. I am happy to say that after a week and a half, I have written all 29 chapters! Now the real hard part starts, editing, and publishing!

On top of all this writing mayhem, I realized this morning (it is Friday morning as I am writing this) that I didn’t have a blog post ready for my next release. While I do have some “ok” blog posts written that can be thrown out there in an emergency, they just aren’t up to my standard. So, here I am, after throwing down 35,000 words on a 29 chapter book in less than two weeks, finding a way to write this blog post.

If something is important enough to us and we are not dead, we will always find a way. Life is like that, stop sweating the small stuff and sweat working on getting the big stuff done.