Do You Really Want to Be Happy?

Can you be happy with whatever comes your way? Can you be happy with what you have now?

Of course, you do! But do you know how?

Each of our lives starts and ends the same. We are born, then we die. What we do in between is entirely up to us. While we are never in control of the events that may happen to us, why not enjoy whatever life throws our way?

When I ask you, do you really want to be happy? You are always going to reply with yes! But then you are going to come out with the conditions. “I’ll be happier if I can find a better job” or “I’ll be happier when I am retired.” or “I would be much happier if I had more money to travel.” or even “I will be happy when I can finally get away from the bad people in my life.” If there are conditions tied to your happiness, then you do not really want to be happy. You are allowing other forces to dictate your happiness;¬†you are choosing to be miserable.

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What I should ask you is: Do you really want to be happy for the rest of your regardless of what may happen to you in the future?

Can you answer that so positively and freely?

My family and I went on a little drive down a dead-end country road. When I got to the end of the street, I had to turn around. Believing that I had more space than I should and being a fool, I put our car into a ditch. The angle which I put the car into the ditch lifted the driver side rear tire about 5 inches off the ground. We were stuck. It was then I realized, my mindset has completely changed.

Once upon a time, I would have freaked out and overreacted to the situation. I might have even cried. I would have felt embarrassed and angry. I would have likely blamed something or someone. But no, not this time. I chuckled. No, not a devious chuckle of anger, but a chuckle of “what did I just do! Oops! What a dummy move I just made.”

At that moment, in my clear and jovial mind, I was able to figure out that if we put more weight in the backseat, we could get the car back on the ground and maybe, we could get more traction in the front end.

Sure enough, after everyone piled into the back seat, I was able to get the car back on solid ground, and we got out safely. Sure it was a silly thing that I did, and I learned a lesson in remembering I no longer own a Jeep, but what I truly realized is that I have chosen to be happy in any situation. It has taken me a while to learn, but I have chosen to just enjoy life.

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Happiness is a choice.

We are not born to be miserable, it’s completely our choice. We are born to be happy, that is also our choice. Happiness is not something you do or achieve, it is a state of mind. If we dare allow it, we can just enjoy the pure state of being -of living. When we can genuinely dedicate our lives to being happy and choosing only being happy -no matter the circumstance, it is only then that we can lead fulfilled and meaningful lives. Only then can we be happy to die. Will you be happy to die?