What If This Was the Last Thing You Ever Read From Me?

If this was the last thing you ever read, would you consider it worthy of your time? If this was the last thing you ever read from me, would you consider it valuable?

We should live our lives as if the last thing we have done could be the last thing we will ever do. The words that leave our mouths should always be said with the best of intention and quality so that if you never said another word, you would have left us with maximum impact. When you close a conversation, leave it with the finality and kindness to leave the other person a little better than when you left them; even if you cannot agree.

We may never get a second chance to make a lasting impression.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of going on a family vacation to New York City. It was a fantastic trip, full of adventure, learning and fun! In the days leading up to that trip, I’ll be honest, I had a little bout of concern. What if something happens to us? Being a more mindful person, I was able to quickly quell those unqualified concerns. Since I was away for almost a week and I had set a goal to post every day, I had several days of scheduled blog posts ready to roll out without any intervention from me. My final thought on this little bit of anxiety was: “Am I leaving the world a little better if those blog posts were the final words from me?”

It was after that thought that I had made it my goal to always leave each and every one of you a little better than how I found you. I realize that many of you do not share my views or my thoughts, but as long as I made you think, then I believe I have made you a little better.

Life is not guaranteed, we are not given an expiry date, and so, we must live every moment as if it were our last. I know, I know, we had heard that all before, but seriously, what if this was the last thing you ever read? Have you spent these moments in the best way possible? Did you become a better person because of the time you spent reading this blog post? I really hope so. And I hope that the next time you finalize a conversation with a loved one, a co-worker, a friend or even a stranger on the street, that you give them the best you can provide. That could be the last chance you get to make their lives better, and isn’t that what we are all here for?