I Made It! 100 in 100

On March 8th, 2018 I set out on a goal to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. While I am glad I did it, I would never do it again!

This latest challenge of mine began on March 8th, 2018 and ended today, June 16, 2018. My challenge? I resolved to write 100 blog posts in 100 days!

I am not quite sure what inspired me to do this. I think it came down to trying to figure out if I could ramp my writing habit to being daily. I knew that if I didn’t put some kind of numerical spin on it, I would never follow through on daily practice. There is just something satisfying with reaching a certain milestone number, one hundred just seemed to be the right target for me.

Would I do this again? Not likely. I learned along the way that daily writing requires quite a bit of mindful presence and often, just the thought of writing a blog post on a given day would ruin that “now” moment. I also noticed that just because I wrote more, it didn’t mean that more people followed along. In fact, while my numbers were up a bit, it was merely just because I had more things for the reader to read. My views were merely just getting stretched out over more titles. More importantly than views and likes, I had found that the quality of my writing followed suit. I wasn’t able to put as much deep thought on a daily release as I would have with a weekly one.

Am I happy that I have accomplished this? Oh hell yeah! I have proven to myself that I can be a daily writer. As I transition my career path to one of being a Copywriter, I have found great pleasure in the work that I have done over these past 100 days. I now know that I can do this as a career every day and find great joy in doing so. I just have to focus my writing in more creative ways instead of just rhyming out a blog post here.

So what do I do moving forward? I am likely going to return to releasing a weekly post and maybe after a little break, I may post two in a week. Now that writing is going to become my career, I must preserve and channel my creative energy into being the best damn Copywriter that has ever graced this planet! My new job as a paid writer has to become my main focus, and thus, this blog will go back to being a release valve side-project.

If there are readers out there that have been dedicated daily readers, you have my profound thank you! Making my journey and words a part of your daily routine is an honour that I am humbled to have. There are so many articles, videos and distractions on social media to take you away from this blog, but for you to focus and look for them, you have my utmost respect.

So, 100 in 100! I’ve made it, and the victory is sweet! Just another lesson learned in the classroom of life. What will be my next challenge? Who knows! But if there is one, I am sure you will hear about it.

In the meantime, look for the next release of The Roaming Mind on Monday morning because, well… #nevermissamonday