Work Has Been a Struggle

We’ve all had to drag our tired souls to put in a day of work at some point in our careers; perhaps it’s a daily thing for you. Sometimes, the resistance to get going can become quite debilitating, and you end up calling in sick, even if you’re not really ill. When the desire to do work is not matched with your passion, working becomes very difficult and very stressing.

There is a misalignment in your work-life, and sometimes it can some deep soul searching to find out what that is.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing that misalignment. I’m a blog writer for a software company; it’s my dream job. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing immense anxiety when I sit down to write. So much so, I haven’t been able to write a thing! There is an all-out rebellion going on inside my creative brain, and I can’t quite grasp what the cause is.

It’s been a very disheartening struggle, and today, I hope I can dig deep and find out why this anxiety exists and, more importantly, how I can get over it. I love my job, my co-workers and the company that I work for.

I need to get back to contributing!

The Reason for This Blog

The most magnificent reflections in my life come to me when I work out. There are all kinds of science behind why your mind opens up when you’re in beast mode. It’s the reason why many people become addicted to body movement in the first place -myself included.

Before each workout, I set an intention to learn something about my life and world. And then, I record it on this blog to encapsulate my thoughts and then share them with you.

What Was My Intention?

Today is a cardio day, and cardio is a great way to push my mental limits. The harder I push, the deeper my thoughts get. My intention with this workout is to push my mind deep into discovering the cause of my work stress. Then, I can figure out how to ease it, and open my creative brain for work once again.

How Did I Feel Before?

My body is fine, and my mind is aligned, at least on a personal level. But let’s be honest, work and personal life are one. When one isn’t on par, neither is the other. No matter how much you try, personal and work life carry over on to the other. So I think I may be fooling myself, perhaps I’m not as aligned as I think I am.

What Did I Do?

  • Treadmill: Ran 10k at a 4:35 min/km pace with a 1% incline.

How Do I Feel After?

It was a battle running today. My mind was quite adventurous, so I couldn’t focus as well as I had wanted. While I feel good that I got a workout in, that’s about as much as I will say about it. They aren’t all winners, but you can never lose for trying.

What Did I Learn?

Putting it simply, I’ve allowed my logical brain to take over my creative mind. Over the past few months, I’ve focused on making my writing SEO compliant. This means being more aware of keywords, catchy titles and subheadings. On top of that, I’ve fallen into the hole of trying to be a marketing copywriter using flashy and gimmicky words. This is not me, and it’s certainly not my writing style.

I must be more courageous by using my real writing voice in my blogging at work. By writing with what I feel, I will align with what I feel passionate about. Words will flow better, and my anxieties will disappear. Validation from peers and critics be damned, I’d rather be fired for what I feel than be admired for what I fake.

Our world has become disconnected from the heart and business has followed suit to make a profit. Deep down, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for my team and me to change the business world if we lead from the heart. And from my standpoint, it begins with our blog.

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