Success Depends On Positivity

Success is merely the pursuit of happiness and not the achievement of it. Happiness can only be pursued if you are willing to seek the positive in any negative.

In a world seemingly tuned to negativity, it can be very challenging to remain positive. We have never had so much easy access to bad news, complaining, blaming and general “doom and gloom,” it is no wonder that so many of us suffer from one form of mental health issue or another.

In a local Facebook group, I read an article about a new job announcement in our area. Just over 1,000 high-skilled and well-paid jobs are coming to our community. This is a big deal! I couldn’t believe the comments that I was reading, there were so many complaints about the location of where this new office was going to be placed. There were complaints about how much the government was investing to bring this very reputable company to our region. There was mass skepticism on just how legitimate these jobs will be. Yet, in our area, unemployment is high, and many of those who are employed are vastly underemployed. This announcement was amazingly positive! But I quickly noticed that I was only focusing on the negative posts and could feel my happiness taking a hit.

Success comes down to the division between negativity and positivity. There are positives in every negative and there are negatives in every positive, but it is what you are looking for that determines your success.

Those who are able to tune out negativity and find places of positivity are those who will find success in life, actually, success will most likely find them. While there are many different definitions of success, mine always centre around the pursuit of happiness. By success, I don’t mean fame, fortune or achievement. Success to me is living a life of not allowing outside forces to negatively affect my path and in turn, create lasting happiness.

Happiness does not last forever.

Remember, success is merely the pursuit of happiness, it is not the achievement. We can be sad and still be successful. It is through emotion that we learn and find new ways to find happiness.

Avoid negativity, and if you can’t, do your best to avoid spreading negativity. We can all live in a world where each of us is successful, it is all within our control. You can take back that control at any time and any place. You are always in control of your reaction.

So, which end of the telescope do you usually look at life? The small end where everything seems big and possible? Or the big end where everything looks small and unreachable?