I’m a Facebook Addict and I Hate It

There is not much difference between the addiction to Facebook and that of smoking. They both give you a quick dopamine hit, and they both serve as a distraction. I’m not sure about where you are in your social media journey, but for me, Facebook is a disgusting habit. Hate is a very strong word, I try not to use it much. But for my addiction to Facebook, it applies.

Today, once again, I quit Facebook, and I deactivated my account. This deactivation is probably my 10th time in the past five years. Noticing the negative affect it has on my mental health, I once again threw away the social media pack, hoping that this time, I can finally kick the habit.

I was addicted to smoking

Once upon a time, I used to be a pack-a-day cigarette smoker. The habit disgusted me, but yet, I kept doing it. The smell grossed me out, the burning sensation in my throat freaked me out, and the social stigma disappointed me, yet I kept lighting up. Every cigarette sent surges of ease through my brain and body. When I was stressed out, I could count on my “lung bomb” to pick me up and set me down gracefully.

Facebook has been doing the same thing for me. When I am bored or stressed, I hit the scroll, hoping to find something to distract me. But for me, Facebook does something opposite than what a cigarette used to do to me. When I scroll, I become less bored, but often I become more agitated. Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m a Facebook addict!

What is wrong with Facebook?

The overwhelming shadow of self-comparison encompasses my light. I become more introverted and angry, reactive and sad. The constant like totals and share tactics drive me into quantifying happiness.

It is quite apparent, just like how cigarettes are not for me and my physical health, Facebook is not for me and my mental health. I’m a Facebook addict, and I don’t know how to handle it. While the long term effects of cigarettes on our bodies is well documented, the long term effects of Facebook (and social media) are not. I often wonder if all this stress will cause me lasting damage?

However, I do know what the short term effects are on me.

So once again, I quit Facebook. I hope this time, it sticks.

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