A Change Will Do You Good

I’ll admit, two months ago, I was scared to make a dramatic change in my fitness routine. My old routine had become a little too routine, and I didn’t feel myself growing as much as I wanted. While I knew a change was needed, I still feared to mess with the fitness level I’d achieved.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

Fast-forward to today, and I’m glad I made the change. I look at my fitness in a different light than I did before. It seems that going from a group fitness gym to a more traditional gym is just what I needed. Instead of unplugging my brain and working out, I need to plug it back in. With this new routine, I’m listening to my body and giving it the exercise that it is craving. Something that wasn’t possible in a group workout.

With all that said, I still dearly miss my workout buddies. Every day, I’d look forward to catching up and discussing the daily grind with them. They became good friends, and their reliability and accountability meant a lot to me. Their progress was inspirational, and sharing the common goal of crushing our daily workouts together was such a motivational force.

But things change, and they should.

The gym we belonged to underwent an ownership change, and it almost seemed as though everyone was looking for a change. Most of my workout buddies went in different directions, and I’m so proud to see them flourish in their new settings. Even those who stuck around seem to be making new strides with their fitness.

A change has done us good.

The Reason for This Blog

The most magnificent reflections in my life come to me when I work out. There are all kinds of science behind why your mind opens up when you’re in beast mode. It’s the reason why many people become addicted to body movement in the first place -myself included.

Before each workout, I set an intention to learn something about my life and world. And then, I record it on this blog to encapsulate my thoughts and then share them with you.

What Was My Intention?

Reflection of where I am today in terms of my fitness. My intention for today is to push a little harder today to make myself a little better than I was yesterday.

How Did I Feel Before?

That leg workout yesterday certainly took its toll on my legs and gluts. But isn’t that why I do this stuff? Damn straight!

What Did I Do?

  • Treadmill: Ran a “555”: 5 kms, 5% incline at a 5 min/k pace.
  • Row machine: Rowed with highest resistance setting for 15 minutes.
  • A weighted ab set on the mat.

How Do I Feel After?

Wowzers! My body is feeling the workouts this week! I feel good all over, but have all kinds of good sore going on.

What Did I Learn?

Change is overrated. Adaptation is underrated.

I think we focus too much on accepting change and not enough focus on adaptation. While it could be argued that we all change and we all adapt to it in some respect, positively adapting to it does not get enough love.

Those who positively adapt to a major change in their lives, expected or not, get a tremendous amount of adoration from me. Positive adaptation is so crucial to our happiness and well-being, yet it is in short supply. Too many people give up after a change has happened.

Change is inevitable, adaptation is not.

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