It’s Just a Monday Morning

Another dark morning. A Monday morning. Not that I have anything against Monday mornings, but still, I like the cliche. Slightly overwhelmed with the week ahead, I plow into the day, still tired and weakened from the weekend past.

Then it happens.

Out of the blue, I get cut off twice on my way into work. It was too much for my tired mind to handle, I react to it poorly, and now, I’m out of alignment. What seemed like a slightly overwhelming week, now looks like an out of control freight train.

How quickly it turns around. It was only yesterday that my mind was rock solid and ready for this coming week. But all it took was some nasty hyper-focusing and a couple of cut-offs in traffic, and now I’m no longer aligned. With multiple disruptions to my workout routine coming this week, it’s going to be tough to get back on track.

Oh, and my only coffee of the day, tastes disgusting.

It’s just Monday morning, I’ll be OK!

The Reason for This Blog

The most magnificent reflections in my life come to me when I work out. There are all kinds of science behind why your mind opens up when you’re in beast mode. It’s the reason why many people become addicted to body movement in the first place -myself included.

Before each workout, I set an intention to learn something about my life and world. And then, I record it on this blog to encapsulate my thoughts and then share them with you.

What Was My Intention?

Getting back to mental alignment will be my intention for every workout this week. With irregular workout times and fatigue, it will be tough. But I’m ready. I have the habits in place to battle through any of life’s ups and downs!

How Did I Feel Before?

Because I didn’t eat and drink properly earlier in the weekend, my body was tired from the run yesterday. My calves are a little tight, which is the first indication of improper hydration.

What Did I Do?

  • Rowing machine: 30 minutes of rowing with the highest resistance.
  • Elliptical: 20 minutes (15 minutes forward, 5 minutes backward).
  • Ab set

How Do I Feel After?


What Did I Learn?

Dear Jeff:

Don’t let your Monday morning ruin your entire day. If you do, before you know it, you will destroy your Tuesday and then your week is shot. To be drastic, but not too far from realistic, a bad week can end up being a bad year.

You know what you had to do, and you did it. Even if life got in the way of your usual workout time-slot, you got it in.

You didn’t miss a Monday workout.

You’re aligned. Now stop your whining!


Present Jeff

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