Fitness Journal: Calming the Shitstorm in My Mind

Exercise is the only thing I know to cure pain from the past. The rest of this blog post is a summary of my latest workout. I’m sharing this to help motivate you and to understand myself.

Each workout has an intention or a purpose, and in the end, something important is learned. Very few workouts are exceptional, some are average, and most are rough, but all are transformational.

Here is the latest footstep into my fit to live journey…

Workout: Calming the Shitstorm in My Mind

How Did I Feel Before the Workout?

Over the past month or so, I’ve had a lot of changes happen in my life. Now, they are not significant changes or even negative changes, but they are changes nonetheless. By an large, I am a person who embraces change, but it seems lately, there is no time to embrace them. It’s getting in, hanging on and shut up time!

What Was My Intention?

I need to return to embracing what is, and what isn’t. Sometimes change can be too much, but I know I have tools that help. Getting back to the tranquillity of the present is my intention for this workout.

What Workout Did I Do?

  • Yoga: 45 minutes of Yin
  • 10 minutes of meditation

How Did I Feel After the Workout?

As I usually do after a deep yoga session, I felt clean and crisp like the feeling of freshly cleaned sheets on my bed. Yoga is a toss up between my body needing a stretch and my mind needing a break. Today, my brain certainly needed the break, and it got it. I am renewed for another day.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that I can’t be afraid and exercise at the same time. I gave my body something to do with the anxiety of change, and what was left, was a presence of mind. I didn’t allow what I couldn’t do (anticipate what isn’t), get in the way of something I could do (accept what is).

The Story Behind This

Fitness means much more than toned muscles, physical strength and endurance. Building an intimate connection between your mind and body is the true definition of fitness. Life can be tough on you sometimes, and it is only made tougher if that connection is missing.

Don’t forget: Healthy looks different on every body.

I spent many years trying to recover from the the fallout of childhood sexual trauma. My mind was continually trying to disconnect from a body that didn’t feel my own. It wasn’t until I discovered exercise that I was able rebuild that connection and become someone whole and worth living for. Every workout is just another chance to get a little closer to who I really am.

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