Why You Need to Step Back to Move Forward

Imagine yourself running. Attached to your back is a giant bungee cord. As you run further forward, the bungee cord tightens. It tightens so much that it almost pulls you back enough to make you stumble. Maybe you have to take a step back to move forward, but your pride won’t let you.

You are growing tired. Every inch forward pulls energy from every muscle of your body. Your legs grow weak, and you begin to become weary.

Why bother running anymore?

Our lives are a daily struggle to move forward with bungee cords seemingly pulled to their max. The thing about life is that bungee cord it can never max out as you could never pull it that far. It will always provide just enough resistance to force you into giving up.

Don’t give up.

You just need to get a little stronger to pull yourself a little farther.

When we hit the maximum power of our might, and we don’t believe we can pull anymore, we need to take a few steps back and try to make another run at it. You see, we can never get stronger pulling life at maximum weight, we have to ease off sometimes and build up the strength.

However, as you take a few steps back, never look back. If you do, the bungee cord will get tangled up, and you’ll become strangled by the excess. There is no reason to look back at your past to pull yourself into the future. The past has no bearing on your future as long as you’re willing to accept the present.

What is, is.

Life is not about going all out 100% of the time. Sometimes, you need to give yourself permission to take a few steps back to move a little bit forward and pull that bungee cord a little bit closer to its breaking point.

Never look back, but take a big step back to move a little forward.

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