Feeling Unmotivated Lately? Motivation is Bullshit

You will use any excuse to avoid something you don’t feel like doing. Even if that something is highly beneficial to your life, if you don’t feel like it, you won’t do it. Social media preys upon your perceived lack of motivation. While you’re busy waiting on your motivation to arrive, your time is wasted reading about someone else’s “motivated” life.

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll find the motivation to do it,” you tell yourself. “I don’t have time to do it now.”

Most often, you never do it, and you never find that motivation. But all along, it had nothing to do with motivation.

Motivation is fleeting; it’s barely even temporary.

The feeling of motivation comes and goes faster than the midnight train rumbling through the deep woods. Only the fool relies upon it to make a move. Motivation is merely the product of a perfect situation to do the ideal task, how often does perfection happen?

Rarely ever.

Life is far too volatile for you to live off motivation alone.

Without intention, you have no way to start.

What many of us do is mistaken motivation with intention. If we have strong intentions, we can follow through with almost anything. Intention breeds purpose, and it’s that purpose that gets you up out of bed every morning, not motivation.

What if you only ate when you felt motivated?

Imagine waiting to feel motivated to use the bathroom?

What if you needed motivation to breathe?

You need a purpose to live your life, not a motivational speaker.

Purpose creates habits and habits are always reliable.

My life is lived entirely out of habit. I wake up the same time every day and I eat the same breakfast. My commute to work is the same and I generally eat the exact same lunch. My workouts are scheduled at the same time every day and I eat supper at the same time. When I go to bed, and this one is non-negotiable, I read before going to sleep. Every. Single. Day. I do this, so I don’t have to think or wait to feel motivated. I just do.

You could set your clock to my habits.

Habits are what drive me. While some may think I’m annoying, obsessed or crazy with my habits, I’m insanely intentional about how I live my life. Everything I do has a purpose and a meaningful intention. I lead a very fruitful and beautiful life filled with endless opportunity. I’m never hungry, I have cash in the bank, and I can do just about anything I want, and motivation never has or will ever have any part of it.

I am not motivated to do anything; I’m intentional to do everything.

Intention breeds purpose and purpose leads to habit and habit leads to the effort that leads to a fulfilled life. There is no value in leading your life on motivation, you will never feel accomplished, and you will always fail to launch. When you leave it up to motivation, your excuses will win every time you try.

Motivation is bullshit.

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