Emotional Pain: Your Thoughts Can Make You Sick

What we think is not always true. Emotional trauma can lead to chronic illnesses says Dr. Joe Dispenza. I believe it, I’ve lived it. If you never read anything I’ve written, please read this and watch the video.

As I dig deeper into learning about others around me, I realize just how many of them are in some state of emotional pain. With many of my friends and acquaintances approaching middle age, years of unaddressed emotional distress within the are beginning to take a toll. Chronic illness and broken down bodies are common themes among those who suffer the most. Obesity and general poor general health are affecting the others. This reality makes me unbelievably sad. Their thoughts are making them sick. Why is this happening? How can I help?

It is a scientific fact that the hormones of stress downregulate genes and create disease -longterm effects. Human beings because of the size of their neocortex, can turn on the stress response just with thought alone. We can think about our problems and then turn on these chemicals.

That means our thoughts could make us sick. So if it’s possible for our thoughts to make us sick, is it possible that our thoughts could make us well? And the answer is, absolutely yes!

Dr. Joe Dispenza

How you think and how you feel creates your state of being

To begin my understanding of how pain can cause physical illness, I had to look within myself. A few years ago I’d started my journey of healing from the emotional trauma that came from sexual abuse as a child. As I went through the change of becoming a survivor from a victim, I’d endured a long period of anxiety and other mental health issues. While I’ve since overcome these mental challenges, it always puzzled me why this mental stress happened. I’d always believed that I ‘d go from sad to happy; not sad to scared. That was until I recently watched Dr. Joe Dispenza talk on an episode of Impact Theory.

The hardest part about change is not making the same choices the day before

The reason why I had such high anxiety was that I was making my body and mind uncomfortable with incredible emotional change. By facing my pain by feeling it, I was putting my body into “fight and flight mode.” To be safe and comfortable, my body wanted me to go back to feeling the shame, guilt and sadness. It was familiar with those emotions. Every other day before my healing, I’d feel shameful for speaking out. Guilty about breaking up my family and sad that I couldn’t have parents in my life. When I didn’t follow those patterns of deep emotion, my body threw up a stress response in the form of anxiety to protect me from the memory of being abused that I was now exposing.

My body doesn’t know that the threat is not in my reality, all it knows is that it happened to me before. My mind frantically believed that sexual abuse could happen again if I don’t protect myself emotionally from it. So in response, it throws up strong emotional feelings to guard me against the change I was trying to make. My body and mind were threatened by my new reality.

This realization blew me away

To help myself through my healing process, I chose rigorous exercise routine as my drug of choice. The anxiety of that transitional period of life led to me having various physical ailments. First I had back pain, then knee pain, and then shoulder pain. For almost two years, one of those three areas of my body was in constant pain. This pain, caused by inflammation created by stress hormones flowing throughout my body needed to go somewhere. So, my body stuffed these hormones into strategically painful areas of my body that would stop me from exercising. My anxious thoughts were making me sick; my body wanted this change to end!


Eventually, by being in a constant meditative state during my workouts, I was able to escape my negative and anxious state of mind. Thankfully, my emotional and physical pain eventually dissolved. But what if I never discovered exercise as solution? I’m sure by now I ‘d be chronically ill.

Stop your suffering, understand your emotions

If you are suffering from any emotional trauma from past experiences, or know someone who is. Please, watch the video I posted below. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how our thoughts, based on emotions, can lead us down a road to illness. Being in a constant state of stress is killing so many of us, not to mention destroying our quality of life.

I ‘ve never heard an explanation of how our past emotions can hurt us this rationally laid out by anyone other than this guy. It’s amazing to know that over time, our thoughts can make us sick. You owe it to your health to watch this video, make notes and watch it again if need be. It might answer some profound questions you have, and ultimately, it may save your life! As Dr. Dispenza says in the video: “Knowlege is power, knowledge of yourself is self-empowerment.

Get to know yourself right now!

3 thoughts on “Emotional Pain: Your Thoughts Can Make You Sick

  1. WOW this is powerful! How emotions and thoughts can make us sick. I watched this video this morning. I have to say that it was very informational because I never knew that it could impact me in so many ways. I too developed a habit of excerise. I wanted something else to “stress” about lol but it became therapeutic for me. I began to work out and my body started to change which helped me become happier.

    1. I am glad you have taken to exercise as your medicine. Getting that workout in is such a rush of good feeling. Thank you for your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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