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Learning to be you requires learning from others. Impact Theory is a great place to do that and then do the work to be legendary.

What you learn today builds your tomorrow

Life is a journey of lifelong learning. However, what you learn today may not surface until many tomorrows. Rest assured, if you are always learning, someday, that knowledge will resurface even if you don’t remember where you found it. One place we can learn for tomorrow is a website I discovered called: Impact Theory.

Don’t ask how little you can get away with, ask how much value you can deliver.

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is a serial entrepreneur because of his serial curiosity

Last month I had the pleasure of hearing Tom Bilyeu speak at The Titan Summit. Tom is a serial entrepreneur who founded Quest Nutrition. Quest ‘s mission is to end the metabolic disease by making nutrition enjoyable. After five years, Quest Nutrition went from a startup to a billion-dollar brand. Upon exiting Quest, Tom became a multi-millionaire, but he didn’t want to stop making a difference. Soon after leaving Quest, Tom and his wife Lisa founded Impact Theory. Impact Theory’s purpose is to help people realize their potential through their example and long-term relationship.

Tom’s sharp delivery at the Titan Summit commanded my full attention. His story and how he promotes a growth mindset captivated me. Similarly, like his online content, he minced no words when speaking. He tastefully drops f-bombs and speaks very honestly. What I like best about his delivery, is that he doesn’t overemphasize his knowledge by using technical words. In addition, his energetic approach to spreading his mindset changing message is very engaging.

If you know you couldn’t fail. What would you do?

Tom Bilyeu

Impact Theory is hands down a must visit if you seek inspiration

Tom’s new venture, Impact Theory, is a treasure trove of incredibly easy to consume content. Episodes are geared towards igniting human potential within us. On the Impact Theory website, there are dozens of free videos featuring familiar and knowledgable guests. For example, guests such as Seth Godin, David Goggins, Tony Hawk and Wyclef Jean, share their inspiring experiences. Videos are broken up into three categories: Impact Theory, Health Theory and Women of Impact. There are videos for anyone who is looking for insights into becoming a better version of themselves.

Tom’s curiosity about how our emotions, habits and mindsets affect our lives is contagious. He credits his success to learning all about growth mindsets from reading “Mindset” by Dr. Carol Dweck. A fantastic book that I hold dearly in my library. This book moved Tom from being an uninspired college grad to being an impact player in his world.

Content that speaks deeply

Over the past couple of months, I have consumed many podcasts and videos from Impact Theory. Many of my favourites have been ones that featured guests who have been through traumatic experiences but overcame the pain to become their best selves.

Tom’s interview John Assaraf comes to mind. John’s father physically abused him as a child. Over the years, he forgave his father from the shame that held him back. Eventually, he re-established a relationship through forgiveness. By getting rid of this pain enabled John to move on and be a successful mindset and behaviour expert. He is a firm believer about how our narrative -what we say to ourselves everyday- is what holds us back.

Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory interviews John Assaraf

One of the first Impact Theory podcasts that I listened to was Tom’s interview with David Goggins. I was running a 5km in the blistering cold, and I swear my face was frozen. I couldn’t feel my nose. After about 10 minutes into this interview, I felt warm, David inspired me to get through that run -and just about every run after that. Goggins is an amazing human being who took a very tough upbringing filled with abuse and learning difficulties and transformed it into unlimited motivation.

David Goggins is a machine. He is an ultra-marathoner who was once a Navy Seal. Weighing in over 300 lbs, he was turned away from the Navy Seals because of his weight. Three months later, he returned weighing in at 190 lbs. He once ran an ultra-marathon suffering from pneumonia! David Goggins believes that we only use 40% of our mind and that we have control to use more. He says that when we tell ourselves to stop, it doesn’t feel right, we can’t do it. That is when we have to push through, no matter what. There are no limitations besides us. We can get to 45%.

If you need a good inspiration, I encourage you to watch the video below. David will pump you up and make you realize just how much crap we feed ourselves that stop us from being our best selves. He also has a new book out called Can’t Hurt Me that I have added to my list of must-reads.

Note: This video contains a lot of colourful words that may be too much for some.

Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory interviews David Goggins

Understand you before you can understand change

If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to understand and learn about who you are, check this out. To make a change in our lives, we need to take the first step to learn how. This is a fantastic website to start taking those steps. Do yourself a favour and check Impact Theory today.

If you don’t like who you are, guess who’s fault that is?

Tom Bilyeu

Impact Theory’s podcasts are a favourite of mine when I am out for a run — learning while sweating is the ultimate multi-task. Undistracted, our minds open freely in the present to receive knowledge on how to be legendary tomorrow.

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