Breaking the Scroll: Distraction Destroys Action

The world will give you exactly what you need to be happy. But you are too distracted to know who you are to know what you need.

They say that when you know who you are and what you want in life, life will help you get it. I believe it. If you are just going through the motions of daily life, then all you will always get is the same result. Your friends, your family, your job and your reality will strive to ensure you will get what you are deserved. The problem is, what you get will not always be right.

If you hate your job, if you are disconnected from your friends and your family doesn’t make any sense to you, yet you feel unsatisfied with life and what it is throwing at you, realize the common denominator: you.

You need change.

Having everything, I really had nothing

Over the past few months, I have never felt better with my life. My stress levels have plummeted, my family life is well balanced, and I always have good friends around to help. My body is in excellent shape, and I feel great every day that I wake up. My world is giving me everything to be happy. Somewhere inside of me, I am still somewhat unsatisfied.

How can I possibly be unsatisfied with what I have and what I am being given?

I have no direction.

While I have learned that the world will give me exactly what I am asking for, my problem is, I am asking it for everything when all I need is one thing. After much reflection, it appears to me that my source of contention stems from being immersed into too much of everything. I am distracted too much from being who I want to be. My goal in life is to be an accomplished writer, yet, I do many things in my day that does not lend its hand to writing. I would be better off with the world giving me nothing as there would be far less confusion. But that is not an option.

Distraction destroys our self-identity

We live in a world of ultimate distraction. We are so distracted that we don’t even know who we want to be. Our addiction to social media pulls us and pushes us to extremes, and we can’t settle down to the middle of who we are. We want to be happy, healthy and satisfied, but we are too busy watching other people who we perceive to be happy, healthy and satisfied.

But they aren’t.

They are just like you. Those virtual friends on Facebook show it off a little better.

This is why I backed away from social media. I need to find who I am without the distraction.

The world will really help you, if you know what you need

Find yourself, stop the bullshit excuses that you give. And find the job, the friends and the family who will provide you with what you need to be the best version of you. Your time is running out, and soon, it will be too late. Taken from a great Rolling Stones tune: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you’ll get what you need.” And what you need is the happiness of being you. The world is waiting to give that to you.

Just try a little harder at being you.

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