Slowly but Surely, We Become Who We Are

We are all Rubik cubes searching for perfection by changing our colors to match up perfectly, but we never get there.

It has taken your entire life to become who you are right now.

Think about that.

Do you like who you are?

We spend every waking hour (and sleeping for that matter) working on our selves. Everything we see, smell, hear, taste and feel go into who you are right now. This is why every one of us is so entirely unique. We all experience things at different times, and in different places. We are like 1,000,000 sided Rubik’s cubes all mixed up, yet we spend our entire lives trying to get all the colours to match up, to be perfect.

Your personal change is not the pursuit of perfection.

The perfection of who you are will never happen: you are already perfect.

If you don’t like who you are, you can change. In fact, you will change anyway. We get spun around, shifted in all sorts of directions every day and in the chaos, we get messed up a little. But we live and we learn and we change without realizing it.

How do we change into who we want to be?

As many of you will testify, it is tough to change who you are. Going back to that Rubik’s cube, to change ourselves, we have to ensure that one colour spot stays on the same side while you move all the other spots around to try and match up with it. Change is so hard because we can’t control every moment of our lives. But as I always say, you can control your reaction to that moment and therein lies your opportunity for change.

If you can master your reaction, you can master your change. Somehow, somewhere, when you can do that, it all somehow falls into place and you begin to love who you are: a Rubik’s cube all beautifully messed up but perfectly aligned.