You Have Been a Fantastic Audience, Thanks for Coming Out!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. For me, the end of this blog is just the beginning of a new life. This is the last post from The Roaming Mind, a journey of victim transformed into a journey of a victor.

A wise man (Yves Doucet, look him up on Instagram @yves_doucet)) once pissed on my parade as I was celebrating the arrival of my 50th blog post on the Roaming Mind. It was my goal to reach 50 posts in one year and then stop. I was elated to accomplish that goal, but as I was talking to Yves about the accomplishment, he looked at me and stated: “What if you went to 250 posts?”. I had never thought of that. My excitement turned to resolve, what if I did keep going? My mind immediately raced to believe that if I kept writing I could have 1 million followers, thousands of views a day and I could be famous! But what transpired since that day has been more impactful on my life than fame could ever bring.


So here it is, the last post. Yes, it may seem abrupt to you, but to me, it has been a long time coming. After 3 1/2 years of never missing a weekly post, I have decided to stop my roaming mind. Why stop now? I am not sure, but it feels right. If I have learned anything during this journey, it is that we should never do something if it doesn’t feel right; over the past few weeks, writing for the Roaming Mind has not felt as right. As I have done all along, I must trust my instinct and move on.


It has been quite the journey, and this one blog post will never appropriately summarize what I have been through. Writing has been the best therapeutic tool to expedite a healing process that I desperately needed to go through. To be able to express my thoughts in words and then share them made my thoughts real; I was able to free myself from my sick mind and found that every step of the way I was not alone.

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After I had given away my deepest and darkest secret to the world in the My Final Words series, I found it was becoming tough to write here. After much pondering of where I fit in the blogging world, I realized that I am not interested in the “self-help” or “motivational” space. Too many people are passionately doing a much better job than I. Beyond healing from childhood sexual abuse, I really have nothing more to say as I have written just about everything I can on that subject, I literally wrote a book about it! While I am not writing for the Roaming Mind anymore, the beauty of blogging is that my posts will continue to be available forever, I will not take them down. My journey will remain on the cloud, available for someone else to pick up, learn something from and maybe keep it going.


The most significant takeaway from this blog is that I somehow managed to turn this writing thing into a full-time career. While this Roaming Mind journey may end, a new one is just beginning for me as a copywriter for Dovico. I will now spend every day dreaming up content and then writing it out for our company to share and attract new clients. While it is super exciting to wake up every day to my dream job of writing, I am still scared to death! I am leaving an old faithful career behind to start a new uncertain one at the age of 40! I am still a junior writer with so much more to learn! But this blogging journey has proved to me that I love being scared, it means I am growing, and unlike before, it no longer means that I am hurt or being hurt. I wouldn’t have realized any of this if it weren’t for these 307 blog posts in the Roaming Mind.


I really don’t know how to end this aside from saying thank you! Some of you have been here right from the start, and I know who you are. Some of you joined a little later on, and some of you fell off somewhere along the way. But to anyone who has read, liked and/or shared a post, I love you! You have no idea how much your support has helped me.

If I leave you with anything, it would be these pieces of advice:

  • If you build your life, they will come. Stop expecting others to read your mind. Make your intentions known and if you are genuine in your dreams and are working hard toward them, people will be more than willing to help you achieve, if not, find more people.
  • Your life is your reaction to it. As I have stated many times in the past, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. By overreacting, you are giving away your power and strength. Self-control doesn’t mean you must be rigid or emotionless, restraint means knowing when to act and when to walk.
  • Who gives a shit what someone did to you in the past? Holding onto that pain, anger, hurt or whatever only serves to destroy your present mind. If you can’t let go of the pains from the past, you will die early. Why give that person the power to kill you?
  • Stop playing the victim! Nobody wants to help a victim. Victims are weak, and human nature proves every day to stomp on the weak. For our species to survive, we must support the strong and shun the weak. Yes, you are hurt, yes you struggling, but that doesn’t mean you are too weak to fight with everything you have! When you are genuine in your fight, people will flock to help pick you up no matter how far down you have fallen.


All the best.