A Bloggers Observation: Following The Followers

Blogging is a real journey, the longer I do it and the more that I write, the more I appreciate every aspect of it. Especially to the followers who owe me nothing but I owe them my gratitude.

Living my story through this blog has opened my eyes up to so many things. One of which is the followers that have followed along on my journey. I am very appreciative when someone is willing to follow my blog, and I take that with a sense of responsibility to keep delivering quality blog posts. While I can control the quality and frequency of my blog posts, what I can’t control is the journey that I am on. My narrative has changed and so have my followers over the years.

I recently took a look at the list of followers that follow my blog on WordPress, and I noticed that a few of the more prominent ones earlier in my blogging journey have gone away and unfollowed. At first, I was saddened. Were they disappointed in my work? Were they angry at something I had written? Was I not able to reach them properly? Is there something I should have done differently? No.

We have simply evolved.

Blog followers are much like friends, they are here for a good time but rarely are they here for a long time. We should be so fortunate to have longtime blog followers just as we should be very honoured to have longtime friends. While our paths in life cross and we get to enjoy each other’s journeys for a short time, we end up growing apart with the distance that our journeys take. This is the life cycle of relationships.

As I scroll through the list of followers that I have, I can see how I have grown. When I started this blog, I talked about the anxieties and mental health problems that I once had, and thus, the followers that I attracted were sharing the same path. Then, as I grew more secure, I shared my stories of childhood sexual abuse, my new followers during that time reflected that path in my life. Now, as a healed soul, my new followers are now those on the same journey as me. Observing daily life for what it is and sharing those observations through text.

There have been times when I felt as though I was getting nowhere with this blog as if nobody was reading, and then you came along and gave me a follow. That simple gesture reenergized me for another blog post to share and another feeling to be felt.

Thank you, to each of my followers, new and old and to those who we have parted ways.



5 thoughts on “A Bloggers Observation: Following The Followers

  1. That is so true. We have just evolved, if no longer around and it certainly nothing that you have done, if a reader leaves.

  2. I too have noticed that some who followed my blog in the beginning and were always pressing the like button have gone away. Then I read that this happens to a lot of bloggers because these followers wanted a follow back, didn’t get it and lost interest. Sadly, not everyone who follows is necessarily interested in our blog.

  3. There are so many variables to why I would unfollow a blog.

    Sometimes it is because I am giving all social media a break, and I only follow a blog if I intend to read, so I let them all go. Sometimes it is because someone just post too many times in one day and overwhelms my reader. Sometimes it is because I was unaware of how angry they were in the beginning. Often it is politics, I really don’t want to know who you are voting for. And yes, sometimes because we grow out of each other.

    However I will also begin to panic when my followers reach somewhere between two and three hundred and begin to only then feel the extent of my public exposure, thus delete them all in the anxiety ridden hours of the early morning. So if you find that I unfollow you, or delete you as a follower of me, don’t take it personally, even it is a personal action isn’t, to be deleted? Sigh….

    Really though, the real truth is stated by your previous commenter. I think at least ninety percent, if not more, just follow to get a follow in return, because otherwise, why would three hundred followers only garner a handful of views, not likes, views. There is no harm in any of it though, because you know what. Everybody just wants to be loved 💕

    1. Yeah, we all have our reasons. I know my Facebook takes a trimming from time to time mainly because I haven’t heard of those “friends” for awhile. I hope you stick around! 🙂

    2. Sometimes I will gain back a follower who left. My blog is just a hodge podge of stuff. I talk about anything and everything, although mostly about my life. I can go through weeks and not hear from my early followers. Then when I post something similar to what I had posted in the beginning, I hear back from them. They like my silly, lighthearted posts. When I got to the serious stuff, I’m sure I lost some of them.

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