There Are No Guarantees

Your life has no guarantees, you have no right to expect any. While you are busy living an entitled life, your demise could be right around that corner.

Our expectations of life are overly exaggerated. We expect food, water, air and the sun to come up tomorrow. We expect people to like us, cater to us and love us. We expect respect even if it’s unearned. We expect customer service, a job well-done and a smile while doing it. We expect children to obey, spouses to listen and parents who care. We expect our hearts to beat one more time. We expect life to be there for us. We expect too much, aside from your demise, there are no guarantees.

I know I am not alone when I say that I expect the sun to come up tomorrow and shine on my life as I go about my day one more time. I plan for and expect dates on a calendar to appear, never thinking that in a blink of an eye, I may not exist to see them. While I am busy worrying about running out of time on a deadline, the deadline of my life may very well interrupt those plans. The only time we have guaranteed to us is the moment we are living at this second.

Life makes it so easy to believe that we have all of the time we need. We have lived so successfully up to this moment, why wouldn’t we think we have that time and more to look forward to. Our reality has us believing that the past is a representation of our future, but the reality is our past has no bearing on the life we have left. None. There are no guarantees in life, we are at the mercy of fate and even though as sane humans we want to believe it, we have no say in our fate. All you can do is sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the present, savour every second you are here, breathing, living and loving. Push your life to live every second in happiness, rid yourself of anything that steals your joy. Life is too short for anything to get in the way of your happiness, it really is! While you are busy being hurt by someone else, your remaining second clock is ticking down, you may have a million seconds left or 5. Prove me wrong! Live your life by choosing to be happy at all costs and seek comfort that in life there are no guarantees, but the joyful moment you are spending right now.


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