Kindle Your Passion Into Happiness

Life is much too short working at something that doesn’t excite you. Ignite your passion and do that everyday to find your happiness.

Let’s face it, we are only happy when we love what we are doing. So why don’t we do what we love all the time? Life is much too short wasting our time on this that doesn’t light us up. It’s unfortunate, but we spend more time making excuses why we can’t do what we love than we do actually doing it.

Imagine if we concentrated all of our energy on things that we are passionate about, in no time we could become masters of it. The world rewards the masters of their passions, it’s why people make a living playing a sport, acting in movies or recording themselves playing video games on YouTube. There is no reason why you can’t make a living off the backs of your passions; it just takes time and a little determination.

Four years ago there was no way I would have thought that I could ever be a writer. In fact, I had no idea that I could write let alone any subject worth writing about. But somewhere along the path of life, I translated the pain from my past into words. Then I shared those words with the world, and now here I am, a self-published author and an avid daily blogger. On top of that, I am transitioning my career into being a content writer for the company I work for. I somehow managed to turn something I didn’t know I could do a few years ago into a passion that I can now work at and make a living. All I had to do was just try something new!

I understand, many of us really don’t know what we are genuinely passionate about let alone make a living at it. It takes trying many different things at least once, but for sure twice to get any kind of desire to turn it into a passion. When whatever you are doing never feels like a job, and when you are doing it, it feels like you lose yourself in time, that is your passion. Keep doing that!

Never give up on your passion, keep them alight by the fire of your desire to pursue them. We only have so many turns of this earth to make a difference and the only way to do that is with love; the love of what you are doing. And when you are doing what you love, happiness from within has no choice but to come out.


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