Initiate Possibilities to Lead a Happy Life

The moment you become comfortable with life is the moment you become unhappy with it. Look for every opportunity to grow and learn and you will always find joy.

The more you try, the further you fly; the more you skip, the quicker you trip.

Somewhere along the way, we give up trying. After years of failed attempts, we stop going after the things to help us find our happiness. We get comfortable in what we believe is working and then we get bored of the routine. After a while, we convince ourselves that we are happy when deep down, we are far from it. We are miserable.

I have always found that life becomes a lot more exciting when I push myself into the uncomfortable zones of change. Through this excitement comes stress, but it’s a good stress that leaves me feeling fulfilled and accomplished. My growth is often a very messy and tiring thing, but growth is the only way that I have found to dig up my inner happiness.

Another side-effect of trying new things is that it forces us to live in the present. Sure, we may get a little anxious at first, worrying if we are ready or even capable of that next step, but overall it is short lived. To learn something new, it requires our mind to be caught up in the moment. We can’t learn when we are stuck in yesterday or skipping ahead to tomorrow. As much as we may think they are, our brains are not very good at multi-tasking.

The most successful people (and I don’t mean the millionaires and billionaires) are those who can readily find happiness in anything that they do. If they don’t see their happiness in it, they move on to something else. Successful people do not become a success overnight. It has taken many repeated attempts at many different things to find that spark that brings out the love of what they are doing. As we all know, success is not about wealth any more than it is about truly understanding your passion and then doing it.

The only permanent thing in life is death. Trying something new is never permanent, if you try something and it doesn’t feed you, you are free to move on to something else. We are blessed to live in an open world so take advantage of that and look for every opportunity to grow and learn. Our planet is vast, and your world is even bigger. There are so many possibilities to bring out the happiness that you are trapping inside by remaining comfortable, don’t give up looking for those possibilities and then going after them once you have found them.

Every possibility left untapped is an opportunity lost to be happy.


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