Don’t Lose Your Marvels, Happiness Is Amazing!

When you are in moment of wonder, you are in a moment of happiness. Allow yourself to be amazed at anything in life and you are allowing your happiness to surface.

Can you remember the last time you were in awe of something that took your breath away? You became completely immersed in the amazement that it seemed as though time just stopped. That is the true feeling of being caught up in the moment.

Somewhere in our short lives, we become numb to the awe of our world. We become sheltered by a routine that doesn’t excite us anymore. When we are no longer excited by wonder, we lose our presence and then our minds begin to wander into the darkness of anxiety. We worry about what might happen if something amazing actually did happen to us.

Our happiness is tied directly to our ability to remain in the present. When we get caught up in the moment of wonder, we have no choice but be in the present. Of course, not all of us are blessed with resources to be continually amazed at the entire world around us. That is why we all must find the beauty and wonder in the little things in life that are near us every day. The more amazed you are at the little things, the easier and readily available it becomes to be present and happy.

When I was going through very anxious times, nothing amazed me. Even the birth of my son didn’t bring me back to present. While life-changing as that day was, sadly, I did not find amazement in the beauty of that day. All I wanted to do was protect him from my abuser, I couldn’t allow myself a moment to be amazed, I couldn’t let my guard down. Thankfully, I have rid my life of pain just in time so I can now allow myself excitement, wonder and amazement of the life of my son. I can now be in the moment with him and in turn, experience happiness with just being in his presence.

Allow yourself to be amazed, and if you can’t, dig deep to find out why. Most likely, you are guarding yourself against pain. Over the years, you had allowed that pain to convince you that you are not worthy of excitement. That the little things that fly under your nose every day are wonderous and worthy of your present mind. Chances at bringing out your inner happiness are all around us, you just have to open your eyes and allow yourself to see and experience them.


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