Just Do the Best You Can

You are stressed out, work is piled on high, home life is hectic, friends are asking where you have been. Plans for next weekend are already made, and it isn’t the “go out and do something” plans. It is Monday morning, and you haven’t even had a sip of your now cold coffee. Life is…. well. Fun?

We have a propensity to fix everything at once. When challenges pile high, our first instinct is to take all of those challenges on all at once. We get frustrated, anxious and angry at the sheer thought of the mountain of crap you have to do. You either fold up like a cheap tent, or you end up fighting hard against all of it. Either way, you end up defeated and just worn out.

Seek your presence!

Think about something that is coming up that you feel a little anxious about. You are almost on the cusp of cancelling whatever it is or running away from it. But yeah, it is something that is occupying your mind. You don’t want to fail it, and you don’t want to let people down. That pressure you are feeling, it is you pushing your limits, and it is scary as hell.

What if instead of worrying about it all, you mindfully kept reminding yourself “I will do the best that I can with what I’ve got at that time.” Keep repeating that to yourself everytime you have anxious thoughts of your next big thing. Over and over, don’t allow your anxious thoughts a second of your mental power, repeat: “I will do the best that I can with what I’ve got at that time.”

That is all that we can do with everything in every day of our life. All the world expects from us is our best at any given moment of time. If for some reason your best is not good enough, then that is not your problem, that is the problem of those who expected too much. You have no control over others expectations, you only have control over your best moment. As long as you do your best, then that is all you can deliver. So, to worry about delivering is fruitless and a waste of your time and energy. You cannot do your best when you are worried about being the best.

Repeat: “I will do the best that I can with what I’ve got at that time.”

You will never have another anxious moment again.



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