Disappointed? Lower Your Expectations!

If you are disappointed by what you are getting, that’s your fault. You are not a victim, you are just playing one.

There was a time when I was always disappointed. Always feeling short-changed, I could never see the value in anything that was presented to me. When friends would bail on me, I would react negatively with a “how dare they?” Whenever I would go to a restaurant, I would leave feeling unfulfilled. Nothing was safe from my high expectations. Eventually, nothing in my life met them. But why?

I had become addicted to being a victim.

When we become addicted to being a victim, we heighten our expectation of the world around us to ensure disappointment. Disappointment is, in fact, a form of victimization. To protect ourselves from pain, we throw up the wall of disappointment and place fault in the other party. We place the controls for ourĀ happiness in the hands of someone or something else. Happiness is not something that can be given to us, it is something that we have to feel, on our own, without any outside help.

Disappointment in any form is 100% on us, not them.

Whenever I began to feel disappointed by someone else, let’s face it, most of our disappointment comes from our interactions with others; I worked on learning to appreciate that what I was being given is the very best that this person has to offer at this time. Everyone is in a different mindset at any given time, life is a roller coaster for them just as it is for me. To believe that I was being given less than what I felt I deserved is merely me playing the victim. I am better than that. I am not a victim.

Stop being a victim, give yourself more credit and lower your expectations. Once you realize that you are being given the very best from life at that time, you will find more fulfillment in your life. If you are not being given enough, find another source, but don’t blame the one you had. Disappointed? That’s your fault.







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