When The Words Don’t Come

I post everyday, but some days, inspiration is lost in a hectic life.

This is my freebie.

After a couple of days of wearing myself too thin, worrying about the future and dwelling on the past. Staying up too late and not following the habits that push me through, I have come to an impasse. Writing this paragraph has been a struggle, but I got it done.

I need to learn to say no.

I am tired, irritable and uninspired. Thankfully, I am eating well, and I have gotten my workout done. Those are my non-negotiables for today and the only reason why I haven’t collapsed. I felt much better after my workout, but not good enough. I am pushing hard against today and like every other day that I have pushed against in the past, it only pushes me back with much more force. Pushing against the day instead of flowing with it, always leads to more stress.

I am not present.

There are things I need to talk about, but I am not ready to be uncomfortable. Who is ever truly prepared to be uncomfortable? Unresolved thoughts will always follow you around, nipping at your heels like an angry dog. Is it finally time to take another leap of faith? I think so.

I get it, this is not my best blog post, but it is real. While 9 days out of 10 I am inspired to write, there are days like today that the words just don’t naturally come to me.  The ideas don’t flow as I am just not learning from my experiences. I need to get myself back to present, say no, and take that new leap into the vast ocean of uncomfortable waters.

I’m sorry if my words are not inspiring today, please allow me this freebie.

2 thoughts on “When The Words Don’t Come

  1. This is your blog and it is your freedom to speak what you want here. I hope it helps. After a couple of days of wearing yourself out too thinly, it will take time to get that balance back as you were before. But you are aware of this and this all helps too, to yourself back on your path.

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