Systems Don’t Work

System. What a word. It sounds great on paper, but upon execution, we rarely see systems that work. But they are working; just not for you.

Healthcare system, the justice system, political system, heck even computer systems. They all seem to break when we really need them, yet they keep toiling along oblivious to our needs of change. Our systems however corrupt and broken as we may see them, have vaulted modern civilization into vast and exponential growth. The systems are generally “working”.

The biggest problem with systems though is that they are not designed to work for the individual who uses them. They are designed to serve the majority. Even though we are constantly tweaking them, the tweaks are never fast enough to meet the needs of every individual. It would be nearly impossible to make a system that works for everyone individually, but as long as it works the majority, then that is all that is needed for advancement.

In a perfect world, every system would be uber productive and easily help the people it is meant to serve. But perfection would mean uniformity and well humans, we aren’t very uniform. Our individual needs have to be served by a system of individual people, there are way too many combinations to be had. It is nearly impossible.

How do we get what we need from a system?

Lower your expectation and don’t rely on systems to solve your needs. Instead, leverage what you can from the system and allow that to serve you. We often expect too much from our systems and are left very disappointed and dejected. We feel as though the system is letting us down, victimizing us and pushing us over. But that is because we are not willing to bend a little bit.

Our best strategy when it comes to systems is to live a life of doing everything we can to avoid them. Once you become dependent on them, you will lose all sense of individuality and control.


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